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Thursday, March 29, 2012

five things #140

Five things Sam missed about SG-1 when she was on Atlantis

1. being a part of a team. a part of her couldn't get used to being "the boss."

2. sam having someone to gripe to now and then. as the one in charge she suspected that she was the topic of the gripes of others.

3. she missed a teammate bringing her a cup of coffee when she was working late. if someone brings her a cup of coffee as the boss, it's seen as sucking up.

4. as the one in charge, "the buck" stopped with sam. sometimes she could blame the IOA or budget cuts, but the ultimate responsibility was sam's. she hated that stress that she didn't have as just a cog in the machine.

5. sometimes conversations would stop when she walked into a room. it might have been a coincidence, but sam couldn't be sure. she was worried that she was becoming paranoid, something that didn't happens as a SG team member. unless alien plant spores were involved.

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