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Monday, October 29, 2012

five things #162

Five weird alien trust/bonding rituals 

1. something mitchell called "a dance riot." people would gather in a hall, music would be played & everyone was encouraged to dance is the strangest ways possible. the theory was if everyone looked silly, then no one would be embarrassed. laughing (at yourself & others) was encouraged, because it was good for your health.

2. something daniel called "the honesty policy." at communal meals everyone was encouraged to stand up and say what they liked or didn't like about the meal. it could be anything from; "the roast was tender." to "there was too much pepper in the stew."

3. something jack called "the treasure hunt." people were given spades a buckets & allowed to dig in a field and the nearby woods. people found interesting colored stones, worms for fishing & sometimes a small fossil.

4. something teal'c called "the big hike." people put on sturdy shoes and climbed up in the hills. when they got there everyone would admire the view, maybe take some pictures & share whatever food and drink they brought with them.

5. something sam called "the shopping experience." people would go in small groups to the outdoor market, browse the stalls, occasionally haggle, but rarely bought anything. 

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