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Monday, October 22, 2012

question & answers pt. 5

former stargate writer/producer joseph mallozzi opened the floor for questions, i submitted some.

archersangel writes: “1. what happened with the dogs you were looking to adopt? (or did i miss that?)”
Answer: See above.  I’m holding off until I know where I’ll be living next year.
2. any weird food purchase of the day videos on the horizon? maybe something in tokyo?”
Answer: Chances are good, especially in Tokyo when we visit Ice Cream City.  Seaweed ice cream here I come!
“3. while doing your days of stargate past entries do you think about what could’ve been done differently? should’ve gone with a different actor in a part or wrote a line differently? (for examples)”
Answer: Oh, I’m sure everyone second-guesses themselves in terms of decisions made.  It’s very easy to reconsider choices made with the benefit of hindsight.  As for examples – well, you just gave me a terrific idea for a blog entry.

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