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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

an orphand 5 things response

back in 2008 (or so) i misread a prompt over at 5 things "5 conversations cam & jack never had" as "5 conversations sam and jack never had". i mentioned that to one of the moderators and they said to suggest the prompt, write it & maybe it will come up one day. as far as i know it has not. i did the actual one BTW. i thought it deserved to be seen by eyes other than mine.
so i present the response to a prompt that never was.

sam re-read the directions on the box for a third time. damn! she had been hoping that she made a mistake. sam sighed, opened the bathroom door & saw jack sitting on the edge of the bed. "uuummm....jack?" he looked up, read sam's expression and saw the testing stick with it's little blue plus sign in her hand. he put his head in his hands & muttered; "oy vey!"

sam couldn't believe what she was hearing; after 3 long months of trying to find a way to get jack back from edora he wasn't coming home to stay? "i figure just long enough to hand in my resignation, sell most of my stuff, maybe rent my house or sell it outright. that sort of thing." jack was saying. "you seriously expect me to believe that you'd give up your career to become a....a farmer?!" sam asked incredulously. "come on carter. don’t you think i've earned a chance to have a nice, quiet life. do some fishing, maybe a little stargazing & not have people shooting at me?" jack wondered. "besides, it's not like you guys will never see me again. it will take time to settle everything, there will be the negations & i'll ask hamond to have you stop by every couple of months or so. he can get a report on the mining and i can find out who won the playoffs & stuff." jack added in a softer tone. sam just nodded, not trusting her voice not to break if she spoke. someone called jack's name and he walked over next to laira, who was standing with a group of villagers. sam looked away before she could see jack take the woman's hand in his own. 

jack stepped in front of sam in the reception line. he never knew what to say in these situations. "nice ceremony." jack commented. "thank you." sam replied. "i hope you & pete will have many happy years together." he told her. jack looked at sam in her ivory taffeta gown & felt a twinge of something. regret? sadness? sam had been growing out her hair for the occasion, she pushed some behind her ear and nodded. she couldn't quite meet jack's eyes. "i wish jacob was here to see this." jack added with a sigh. "me too sir." sam muttered. jack awkwardly kissed her cheek and quickly walked away so hammond could speak to the bride.

jack walked into the infirmary where sam, still weak & pale from the ashrak's attack, lay. she was awake and jack sat on the edge of the bed. "how ya doin'?" he asked. "better." sam said. "good. janet says you'll be up & back on duty in a few days." jack informed her. sam bit her lip and looked away briefly. " no, i won't. jolinar has offered to put us in touch with the tok'ra. she thinks an alliance is possible, since we're both fighting the goa'uld. i could serve as liaison between earth & them. general hammond accepted my resignation this afternoon." jack looked aghast. "is it you that wants this carter, or the goa'uld?" he wondered. "jolinar is not a goa'uld!" sam replied hotly. "whatever. it says it can take another host without anything bad happening to you. why not let it?" jack was almost pleading. "because i already belong to the SGC & have sufficient diplomatic training to deal with a situation like this." sam explained. "no one has the training to deal with a situation like this!" jack said. they looked at each other for several long moments. "aw, hell!" jack grumbled and stomped out of the room.

the laughing locals guided, pushed mostly, sam & jack into the hut. even though some light from the torches came in from the cracks around the door, it was still rather dark in there. daniel & teal'c were about 20 miles away investigating some ruins. jack and sam had stayed behind to negotiate for the use of a small naquadah mine that the villagers used a little of to make ceremonial jewelry. a deal was made and the villagers insisted on having a feast to celebrate complete with a local brew that smelled & tasted like gumdrops. jack had several cups and as a result, he felt warm & happy. jack felt a thick mat under his feet and sat down, then heard sam sit across from him. "i'm hot." she declared. "really?" jack asked as he heard the rustle of clothing. "yeah, i wonder if i'm getting sick." sam commented. "check me for a fever?" she offered & before jack could say anything, sam fumbled for his hand & placed it more or less on one of her very naked breasts. jack yelped in surprise. "you need to relax more jack." sam informed him. "i do?" he squeaked. jack cleared his throat and tried a lower tone; "i do?" "yes and i know just the thing to help." sam leaned forward and kissed the corner of his mouth. jack turned his head to respond in kind.

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