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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

BK keeps trying

first burger king had this "family food" game. where it's like family feud & you have to pick the top answer out of 3 on a scratch-off thing on certain thing to win some small food item.

now they have new chicken stuff. a chicken parmesan sandwich, popcorn chicken & some kind of basil sauce chicken that you can get crispy or grilled on a wheat or white bun. i had the chicken parmesan sandwich. it was good. at first i thought i might be with that tendercrisp chicken patty (which i hate) but it wasn't. i'd get it again. i was thinking about getting the basil sauce chicken, but chickened out. no pun intended.

ETA: we had their cinnabon rolls, so not worth it. over hyped crap. IMHO. (my brother's too)

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