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Monday, September 10, 2012

five things #158

Five crises that happened when O'Neill wasn't at the SGC

they ran out of coffee. the supply sergeant messed up big. a request was sent out ASAP and people brought in their own until it arrive.

the movie for movie night got misplaced. it was the latest harry potter that someone (who knew someone who knew someone) got the week it came out. after an hour of searching & semi-angry phone calls it was found in dr. lee's lab where it was delivered by mistake.

the latest shipment of T.P. arrived soaking wet. since the supplies were low two dozen people were dispatched to local stores to buy a bunch until more could be sent.

a batch of chili from a new supplier was bad, resulting in several cases of food poisoning & many rescheduled missions.

a major computer glitch had declared half of the staff dead (not daniel though) luckily it was discovered before anyone's next of kin was notified, but it took nearly a month before the system would recognize them as alive and issue their pay.

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