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Sunday, September 16, 2012

denny's stuff

they have build your own burgers & milkshakes for a limited time. they have slips for you to fill out by checking what stuff you want. they have different patties (hamburger, chicken & veggie) bread, (whole wheat, cheddar, the regular bun & or or two others) cheese, a bunch of stuff to put on it (lettuce, mayo, pickles, etc.) & "premium" stuff like bacon & coleslaw.

for the milkshakes they have a choice of ice cream (chocolate, strawberry & vanilla) "mix ins" (oreo cookie bits, chocolate chips, etc) & flavored syrup (chocolate, peanut butter, etc.) you get one each of ice cream, min in & syrup.

i "built" a chicken burger on a cheddar bun, with lettuce, mayo & red onion. and my shake was vanilla with oreo, chocolate chips & PB sauce. yum!

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