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Thursday, September 09, 2010

day 1 dragon-con '10

so my brother & i get up early for breakfast at the corner bakery cafe. it was good, i recommend the place. (a hint though: they give you a card so someone can find you to deliver your food, you need to put i at the top of the thing on the table with the pepper & salt.)
we get in line for the star trek: voyager thing about an hour early & there are already several people there. the panel had robert beltran, garrett wang who the new program director (kind of a long story. comment if you want to know) & levar burton. it was worth seeing. beltran revealed that he'd use his middle finger to hit buttons on his control panel if he didn't like the script. burton is working to bring back reading rainbow on-line. they talked about timeless (that burton directed) the best of the VOY episodes & one of the best trek episodes.
later we got in line for the quantum leap panel which was out the door by that time. loved the panel! scott said that if there was a QL movie and he & dean weren't in it, we should boycott. then go see the one they are in. the crowd hooted & applauded their approval. he then admitted that he was kidding. (we weren't) dean told about when he did the movie the boy with green hair that it was a wig (made from human hair from france) and he got a skin disease. which i did not need to know about. they talked about the final QL episode & how it had to serve as a season ender (in case they got picked up. even though they were canceled), an end of the series episode and a link to a tv movie or big screen movie. scott thought sam was loosing his mind (literally) from all the leaping & dean didn't like the crazy outfits he had to wear. i could've sat at that panel for another hour.

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