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Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 4 dragon-con '10

we just had 2 panels this final day of the convention. a DS9 panel and one that was most everyone else from trek that was still there.
my brother was tired of lining up early just to wait (even though we'd be inside & could sit on the carpeted floor) and with the excuse that there weren't that many people there last year on the final day, we went a little bit later than we normally would. so of course there's already about 100 people in line. and another 200 come in after us.
the panel was rene auberjonois, armin shimerman, avery brooks, robert o'reilly & j.g. hertzler. it was a great talk. o'reilly started by saying it was the committee on un-american activities. garrett wang was there in his program director's role & during a question on how they go into acting he told kind of a long story which auberjonois kidded him about. someone asked who was the big prank puller on set & auberjonois said that the show was far too serious for that. they made jokes once in a while, but none were pranksters.
the "rest of trek" panel followed right after & we had to clear out, so we decided to have a bathroom break. on the way saw brooks & hertzler waiting for the elevators as we went by. when i came out i saw shimerman waiting for the same elevator, but my brother missed him as he left before he came out. my brother said it figures that i'd see more celebrities than him. (see last year's d-con reports) it matches wup number with the 3 i saw last year. it also match up with my seeing most near the ladies' room.
there there was the trek people still at the con panel with marina sirtis, michelle forbes, jonathan frakes, robert beltran & john de lancie (with garrett wang as host) they talked about how no one like using props except for gates mcfadden. no one like the troi/worf romance (i always herd it was the actors' idea) & the TNG episode code of honor is so badly written that it's been taken out of the syndication line up. the room was nearly packed. i told my brother, if there are only 2,000 people left at the con they were all in that room.
we went to the comic artists' alley one last time for the aikra stuff (turns out that they didn't put up anything new on saturday) i noticed that there seemed to be a lot more people there on the final day than last year.
then we drug ourselves over to the georgia aquarium, payed too much money to take picturse of marine life for an hour and drug ourselves back to the hotel. where we had a dinner of snacks that we brought with us & watched a marathon of pawn stars before collapsing in a heap in bed.

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