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Friday, September 10, 2010

day 2 dragon-con '10

breakfast at dairy queen (the have breakfast there) then we decide to avoid getting caught up in the traffic of the d-con parade to go early to the comic artists alley in the hyatt for my brother to check out the cells from the akira anime (they changed daily). had to wait a while for it to open, only to discover that they didn't change them yet. i went to the trek track table where i saw the old director who thought i was going to make off with some trek novels they had there.
after hanging out near the video rooms for a while (it was zombie-themed stuff. ick!) we decided to line up early for our stuff. this was the only time we split up during the con. brother went to anime company Q & A and i went to see the scott bakula talk. we lined up about 1 1/2 hours early & had planned to talk some on our cell phones, but mine crapped out. the bakula talk was nice. he mentioned that ENT seems to have more fans now than when it was on the air & he had fun in the mirror universe episodes.
we had planned to go to the stan lee talk, but figured that they'd talk about a bunch of comic stuff that we've never heard of.
later in the afternoon (after my brother rechecked the akira stuff & found they didn't change anything) we hit the stargate panel. just before it started one of the volunteers proposed to his girlfriend, she said yes.
this one was with michael shanks, his wife lexa doig, writer martin gero, ben browder, jason momoa, alaina huffman (from the new series) & paul mcgillion. in the begining two guys carried out a big, brass tub (which turned out to be filled with beer & water on ice) i recognized one as ben & thought; he's helping out one of the crew guys bring it out. it wasn't a crew guy, it was jason!
it was a crazy panel (as most stargate ones seem to be) with shanks & his wife trading barbs, momoa swearing and mcgillion flirting with female question askers from the audence. poor huffman, i don't think she knew what she was in for.

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