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Saturday, September 11, 2010

day 3 dragon-con '10

every night i'm woken up by the sirens of an ambulance/police car/fire truck. i would find out later that there was a fire at the hilton & someone fell of the balcony at bar in the hyatt.
we lined up early for avery brooks. he's smooth, cool & really smart. i felt like i had to take some kind of advance class ust to understand what he was talking about. he talked about doing spencer for hire in boston & how the city is more like a collection of small towns than a big city. and it wasn't easy to be a person of color there.
since we had a bunch of time before the robert beltran talk i suggested we hit another stargate panel. since it was in the hyatt where the akira stuff was my brother agreed. it was the same line up as before, minus ben & just as crazy as before. shanks showed why he should never get on twitter & moma said less than the first time. i was this close to asking a question, but it was a semi-serous question & they weren't a semi-serious group.
brother checked out the akira stuff (they had new cells) & then we went to the room where beltran was going to appear with garrett wang. (we had briefly looked at it after the brooks talk & discovered it was small) there are several people in line but we manage to get in the room before the cut off. the room was so small that they didn't ven need microphones. the two are crazy together. wang said they had trailers on set next to each other and beltran said he was like eddie haskel and wang was like the beaver (look up leave it to beaver on wikipedia). wang talked briefly about the TNG panel that crosby walk out on & i felt bad for him because it was his first year. they told some crazy stories & i wished that people from the TNG/DS9/VOY era of trek would write books about their time on their respective series.

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