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Friday, September 17, 2010

five things #115

Five memories Daniel never got back after descending

daniel remembers his grandfather coming to tell him that he couldn't come to live with him. what daniel doesn't remember is how he begged his grandfather to take him & writing a dozen letters with the same theme that his grandfather never answered.

he remembers sha're & the year they had together on abydos. what he doesn't remember is that a couple weeks after jack & the others left, a sickness hit the village they lived in. he feared that they had brought it with them from earth & it would turn into an epidemic. daniel used the few medical supplies left behind to try to help. despite his best efforts 40 people, mostly children, died.

daniel remembers the first archaeological dig that he went on, how the professor in charge kind of took him under her wing. what he doesn't remember is the other archaeological students snubing him & sneeringly calling him a wunderkind.

he remembers that the year he turned 6 his father helped a friend edit a book of ancient egyptian fairy tales that never got published. what daniel doesn't remember is that his mother became pregnant that year & that his little sister was stillborn.

daniel remembers a friend of his that was also in the foster care system. they were in the came class & once she was even placed in the same foster home as daniel for a few days. he remembers that she was killed in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver their senior year of high school. what daniel doesn't remember is that he was in the car with her & held her as she died.

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